How much does GPS installation cost?

To start with GPS monitoring you need to buy a GPS tracker, installation box and then install properly configured GPS tracker on the vehicle.

Cost item Price, UAH
"Minimal" GPS tracker 1750.00
"Optimal" GPS tracker 5650.00
"Professional" GPS tracker 9250.00
Configuring GPS tracker and GPS monitoring programm 400.00
Installation box 850.00
Tracker installation 400.00
Сost of one hour of work in difficult cases 400.00

Installation of the GPS tracker is no more complicated than connecting a car radio - you just need to mount the equipment in a convenient place and connect the on-board power + external GPS / GSM antennas, so to reduce the cost, you can do it by yourself using the manuals provided by us. In this case, using the GPS tracker "Minimal" without an installation box, the cost will be only 2150 UAH!

What are the differences between GPS trackers?

Except the "Minimal", "Optimal" and "Professional" GPS-trackers, there are dozens of other models that differ in the number and types of sensors that can be connected; the possibility of connecting an on-board computer car or OBD-II or CAN bus; capacity of the battery; number of SIM-cards; etc. Therefore, choosing a GPS tracker that best suits your needs, can be a complex task.

However, even the simplest model allows you to work reliably 24 hours a day for 7 days a week and control the mileage of a vehicle. The "Optimal" GPS tracker also allows you to collect information from the fuel level sensors. And for use on special or agricultural machinery, we recommend the use of a "Professional" GPS tracker, which has the highest level of protection against the effects of the environment.

How much does it cost to install an additional fuel level sensor?

To install the additional fuel level sensor in the tank, you need to purchase a sensor and a galvanic isolation that will emit electrical interference from the vehicle's on-board network. There is a modification of the fuel level sensor with a built-in galvanic isolation

During the installation of the fuel level sensor an additional hole in the fuel tank of the vehicle is made and the signal cable is laid from the fuel tank to the vehicle cockpit which feeds the sensor and transmits the information about the results of measurements.

During the calibration procedure, a fully empty fuel tank is filling by small fuel portions (usually 10L) and then fuel level sensor measurements stores in the GPS monitoring system. In the case of vehicle with diesel fuel, the procedure may take up to 4 hours. The accuracy of the measurement of the fuel level in the tank significantly depends on accuracy of calibration procedure.

If the car has several fuel tanks, fuel level sensors must be installed in each of them.

Cost item Price, UAH
Fuel level sensor 4950.00
Galvanic isolation 1950.00
Fuel level sensor with built-in galvanic isolation 6050.00
Installation of a fuel level sensor 1400.00
Calibration of a fuel tank capacity up to 500L 1400.00
Complex installation of the tracker or fuel level sensor, or calibration of the fuel tank capacity from 500L, per hour of work 400.00

The cost of vehicle equipment with a fuel level sensor is large, so usually a GPS tracker with no fuel level sensor is using. In most cases, the control over the routes and mileage of the vehicle without additional control of fuel in the tank is sufficient to significantly reduce the cost of fuel.

What are the monthly costs of GPS?

The cost of technical support is 210.00 UAH per month.

If during the maintenance of GPS trackers the necessity of repairing was found out, repairing and re-installation of equipment is paid additionally.